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Good news! Anna Nieman couture gowns are now available in the Boston area for your upcoming special occasion! Anna Nieman-designed gowns, unlike regular gowns such as you might find in high end department store, can be modified to your body so that they fit perfectly and look amazing! We want to invite you to visit the Anna Nieman Boutique this Spring. You can find here a beautiful collection of couture gowns for mother-of-the-bride and -groom as well as gowns for other formal events, designed by Anna Nieman and produced by talented pattern-makers and seamstresses in the Boston area. Gowns from the Anna Nieman Collection are elegant and classic with an innovative edge and are made from natural silks, satins, and French lace.

The process of getting a gown is simple: you just try the sample of the dress and then order the same dress (with modification if need be) in your size, selecting from a wide array of fabrics and colors .

If you are looking for something one-of-a-kind, designed just for you, then we suggest a custom-made dress, which will evolve from sketches, combining your desires with the vision of the designer, in order to achieve the perfect outfit to highlight your beauty.

You can also find here smart casual clothing off the rack, made in Montreal. Complete your look with a make-up application.

Let us help you to celebrate your special day!

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